Battery Cargo Shipping

Battery and battery related products play a vital role worldwide ,tons of battery are shipped from China every year, but how to ship battery safely is a tricky way. Prodoer have working on these niche market for years and can provide various solution to shipper battery safely in compliance with airline &carrier’s request.

Our Qualification

1. DG license ,offical authorization

2. DG contract with courier ,airline

3. Professional trained crew

4. Strict process control and management

5. Years of experience of shipping battery products

Our Various workable solutions

/Battery shipping By SEA FCL LCL

/Battery shipping By Courier DHL UPS FEDEX

/Battery shipping By door 2 door express service

/Battery By Train and road

Common Battery Products We Ship

1. Alkaline Batteries

2. Mercuric oxide battery or mercury cell

3. Lead Acid Gel

4. Lithium-Ion Battery

5. Nickel Metal Hydride Battery

6. Industrial Batteries

7. Vehicle Batteries

8. E-bike ,E-scooter ,Vape etc